Mia ready for Rodeo Day

March 8, 2008

Mia ready for Rodeo Day

Today it is Rodeo Day at school, and my dad took this picture of me before we left in the morning. On Rodeo Day, you get to dress in your Western clothes for school. I think it is really cool, and almost everyone in my school is going to wear their Western clothes. Gotta go to school now! Bye!


Mia goes to the Zoo

January 3, 2008

Hi everybody! Santa Claus brought me a 3-day Zoo camp pass, and I’ve been going to the Zoo this week. I want to share some of my photos.

Here’s a giraffe:


Here is a seal:


Here is a seal jumping. Check it out:


Here is my friend Rebecca. She is awesome! Check her out:


Check out this scary snake. It’s slithery and slidy. Zzzzzzzz!


Check out our Christmas video!

December 25, 2007

So funny…

Arthur likes my artwork

November 25, 2007

My art is in Arthur!

Hey guys I sent my drawing of Arthur and Pal to pbskids.org. And guess what? Arthur picked my picture and put it on his website!!! Check out the page here!

Ava is crazy so she picks her nose

October 20, 2007

My sister is crazy. She has started picking her nose, and, guess what? She’s eating her boogers!! Gross!!!!! Check her out:

Greg likes chips!

June 19, 2007


Hey guys, I have a new picture here and it is very funny. This is Greg, my Mom’s Dad (he doesn’t it like it when we call him the “grandfather” word). He’s a photographer and he is staying in our house for a week while he takes pictures here in Houston. When he’s here, he eats chips all day long. And it is funny and is yummy for my tummy. Let me know what you think of this picture! Ciao!

PS, check out Greg’s picture web site, www.gjphelps.com. Tell your parents to have Greg take your picture. He’s good!

This baby makes me laugh!

June 14, 2007

Dear people, this video I think will make you laugh, and this baby, you know, he’s really having fun, I know it! Enjoy!

My school festival

April 28, 2007

Hi. Yesterday I went back to school late in the evening because there was a school festival. First, I went down this really big slide, check it out!


Next, I went on this really cool thing where you can jump, it’s called a moonwalk. See how high I can jump in the moonwalk:


Then I found my friend Sadie, and we hung out together. Our teacher was painting hair for all the kids, and she painted my hair green and Sadie’s hair orange. It felt really weird. Next thing, me and Sadie painted our faces. We had the same picture painted on our faces, a blue butterfly. Look!


Another cool thing I did, my favorite part of the festival, was rock climbing. It was so much fun, that I went twice! I found my friend Payton in line for rock climbing, and we had drinks and pop corn together. By the time our turn to climb came up, we were soooooooo excited. I went all the way to the top!


When I came back down, I felt so strong too.


If you ever have a school festival at your school, you should go and have some fun. I recommend it!!!

kids around the world

April 6, 2007


Hi my name is mia this new blog is really fun. I am going to share lots of stuff with you, especially fun internet games! Try this games and let me know if you like it!